KALA IS THE (UN)Collective.

The space before creation...the darkness & liminal space before light where all is born, and the KALA UN-Collective is the space to birth your genius. That happens when you strip down and release everything you thought you needed to be so you can become who you desire and are ultimately meant to be...fully individuated from the rules of the collective. It's time to be the artist and the art; to code your reality to your taste.

The Challenges

What our clients are saying

Jo Joy

Jo Joy

Fitness Trainer

Love listening to KALA TV as I am on the road in my new car!! I searched "money" and I am cruising through these videos. I am loving it!! And then my experience in the Embodied Wealth Retreat: So I ended up bringing in $900 for my mini-offer in one day! It was amazing to see how I could come up with something in an evening, and then sell $900 of it in one day. I dropped the ball on last day of the retreat. I know I could replicate my performance and I am more familiar with the feeling of wealth and the power of decision. One interesting win and takeaway is that I can continue to use this offer although most have already started with their 21 Day Detox. I see how this offer can continue to generate wealth for me. I loved making around $1K in a day, and although I checked out for last Saturday and Sunday, on Monday, I was surprised about a prospect who had been interested in a different service in the past, pay $1k even though she isn't starting for another week. Then Tuesday, had an old client reach out, and by Wednesday afternoon, she paid in full for my three month program - $4,500!!! So don't know if that 100% counts, but I obliterated my $6k goal!!!!!
Elizabeth H

Elizabeth H

Physician & Coach

Taking stock now nearly one month after The Embodied Wealth Retreat ended...I've booked 3 new clients totalling $36,000 in sales and received $4600 in cash. If that is what TEWR 1.0 did, then going all in for TEWR 2.0 is a no brainer! In fact, during TEWR 2.0, I experienced — in an embodied way — sales as being easy, fun, and supremely nourishing. It was an entirely new experience, and let me see that there is another way to approach sales. As a result, I’ve been getting easy yeses and have more than doubled the number of sales I close. I also sense that this momentum is just getting stated.
Justina S

Justina S

Singer & Songwriter

Before I started this work, which was literally two weeks ago. Oh my God. My friend reached out and nudged me to do the outrageous woman challenge and I just got this feeling that I immediately started to just trust, even though there was a lot of fear in this big, crazy leap. I feel like the proof, the proof for me was just seeing, was just seeing you all and seeing your roots, so tethered to yourself. Like I could just sense that each of you knows who the fuck you are, and it's kind of like an overwhelming energy to be in each of your presence. Honestly, that alone was enough for me to be like, cool- I want this as well. The work has been really challenging for me… challenging in a way that feels awesome. That doesn't feel like I'm forcing a square peg in a round hole. It feels like our work is what is going to connect all of the dots for me; the career, the emotional, the relationship, the financial. I'm seeing now how it's all connected and rather than receiving money, I like dopamine hits of self‑worth from outside of myself which blocks abundance. I'm starting to find the gold and do that mining from the inside. The two weeks I've been doing this work, I can already feel a huge shift. And I know it's about to be shifting even more so 11 out of 10 stars, highly recommend.

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