The Outrageous Woman Challenge


Hey Outrageous Woman!

You are here because you very much desire to embody this title.

Growing up, you have dreamt of becoming the woman who has it all, so you set out on your journey.

Once you knew what you wanted and you put your mind to it - there was no stopping you. You knew that you were willing to do whatever it took to get what you wanted. 

And you have been this amazing woman in many ways.

As an amazing woman, you have lived your desires regardless of the odds, circumstances, rules/conditioning that might attempt to stifle your desires, and any other programming/limiting beliefs that have created your present reality. 

Eventually you always hit your edge. No matter how much you have pushed forward, created amazing things, and have shown yourself what you are capable of, your deep satisfaction has not been fully met.

Because real satisfaction comes from submission.
Submission to your outrageous desires.

Again and again.

And this requires you to be more than anything you have been, until this point.  It requires you to be outrageous in all the best ways. To continuously expand. But now with a potent understanding of where your power actually comes from.

As an outrageous woman, you don’t let your outrageous desires go unmet. 
The Outrageous Woman will always get what she wants. It may not look like it straight away, but that’s the magic of the creative process. And it is worth every moment of time, energy, and resources to have such desires met because of the woman she evolves into with rapid-fire precision and undeniable speed. 

The Outrageous Woman doesn’t need to know what it looks like before she says yes.  She leaps because she follows her heart and trusts her intuition every step of the way.  And she always wins. 

The Outrageous Woman finds satisfaction in the challenge and the leap.  She is satisfied by witnessing her desires move from her vision into form. To blow her own mind. To witness her own power. 

She knows the power lies in her.
That her intuitive steps create a  “Desire to Done” experience.

This woman is within you. Our adventure starts now.

Start your journey by joining the FB group and have us on your VIP email list to be the first to know of the next email that reveals the next step, as this is a game of timing and precision.

See you inside. Blindfolded. 😏
The KALA Team


Hey Outrageous Woman!

If you have found your way here you made it through the registration successfully. 
And some of you have also found your way to the FB group waiting room. Congratulations! You will soon be let in. 

INSIDER'S SECRET: It is a requirement to answer all questions and assessments to gain points in this challenge.

So your first unspoken challenge was to answer the questions provided. If you haven't done so, we would love to hear your story behind that.

And if you have, you just won yourself some points. Way to blaze the trail. You sure know how to show them how it is done!

Another note. If you are lost, ask for help.
If you are asking questions because you "need to know" then we have a whole new world to show you. Your only requirement is to trust our co-creation here.

The pre-challenge has begun😆   


CLICK HERE for the welcome video

First, take a moment to receive our welcome video.


Once you have looked at our Welcome Video below, it is time for you to introduce yourself to us.

This is what is required for that assignment. 

  1. Come record the following:
  • Your name, why you are here, your outrageous desires + why
  • Share how you feel about your outrageous desires + share how you feel about sharing those desires in this group
  • When you record, do state at the end of your introduction

    “I am fully committed to showing up and honestly express both my desires + hesitations with curiosity and willingness to try on a new perspective. I ask questions to support my evolution.”
  • By saying "I am fully committed to this",  I see that this challenge is a portal that is  designed with a level of precision for me to claim my next level of outrageous desires.

As you complete your introduction video, we will be presenting the next step. You will be given exactly what you need each step of the way.


Hey Outrageous Woman,

As the others gather and you are landing here, we know you are likely wondering what the structure of the challenge is and what is expected of you.

So, let’s start with the foundation of this challenge.
You already know that this is not your average challenge.

This is like no other experience you have had.
This will be a co-creation.  
How you show up matters. 

The truth that many don’t tell you is, you miss the magic if you think you can just stand back and evaluate. Sure, you will learn intellectually, but we are calling you beyond logical learning and understanding.

You know the world is full of paradoxes and when you don’t remember that, then your brain tries to run every aspect of your life through a linear perspective.

It is like putting on foggy sunglasses and wondering why the show isn’t happening, when in fact you are the one missing the show.

Practical magic shows up when you are an energetic match for it. Otherwise, you are left disappointed and full of judgment of the facilitator of the experience, and even for your choice in saying yes. 

This challenge is “a double-edged sword”

If you hide yourself in any way, you will be left clueless

And when you choose to show up, you will first face the unknown blindfolded, before all the magic gets revealed to you.

The Outrageous Woman is no longer a servant to her logical mind. She submits to the magic of her heart’s desires and intuition to have them fulfilled.
This challenge will deliver Outrageous Magic to those who meet the requirements.

 Your requirements for the next steps are:


  1. Be curious to see what you are not yet seeing.
  2. Be willing to release your attachment to who you have been until now in order to see what you are truly capable of.
  3. Be willing to put everything on the table and be transparent with us.


  1. Read each message. Share all the things that come up for you.
  2. Share what’s really happening for you in your thoughts and feelings 
  3. Answer follow-up questions we have asked for you to go deeper.
  4. Ask questions that contribute to your evolution. 
  5. Recognise if you are justifying your limitations and choose the experience of your growth-edge instead.
  6. Be aware of time stipulated for each activity and share if you are wrestling with time.
  7. Share your personal challenges, your wins and your stories


  1. The Outrageous Woman always wins. And winning is not the box of competitiveness, hustle or even the box of love-and-light. It simply is. 
  2. Your level of satisfaction increases based on your level of participation.
  3. Your degree of curiosity, willingness, and submission to the unknown is directly correlated to swiftly experiencing your desired outcome. 
  4. ...and we will share more about your results as you build your experiences

What else to expect from us at this time:

We are awarding points for each activity that we assign to you and making the results known here. 

  1. We provide you with a welcome video to give you an overview
  2. We will provide daily prompts for you to dig deep and take action
  3. We will provide you will suggested time for each
  4. We will be live at 1:30 EST each day to speak to the magic of each assignment/post + come back for Q A each day
  5. We will evaluate and grant points for your completion of the assessments provided
  6. We will provide feedback as you read, watch, and respond to the provided content. 
  7. We will direct you as we see fit to reach your next level of outrageous desires

Note: While we expect you to give yourself the gift of showing up, we also expect you to choose presence, quality and practice precision in your use of time as this challenge is not designed to be time-consuming. It is designed for you to dig deep and go big. This also means lurking will not be tolerated.
What’s Next?!?
Go find the Welcome Video in our Facebook Group, to meet us and find instructions to introduce yourself!  We look forward to meeting you via your videos then seeing you show up and rock it.

Cheers to the Outrageous Woman in you!
The KALA Team 

Day 1: Video

Hey Loves,
Here is the livestream replay of Day 1. Please use the comments section to share your experiences, transformation and ask your questions.

Day 1: Assessment

Use the link to complete the Assessment for Day 1. It is the next important step to accessing Day 2.

Day 2: Video

Hey Loves,
Day 2 livestream replay is here. As always, please use the comments section.

Day 2: Assessment

Day 3: Video
Day 3: Q & A Bonus Video

Hey Loves,
Now for Day 3. Please use the comments section here in KTV, to share your experiences, transformation and ask your questions.

We also have a Q & A video today. Be sure to check it out.

And ...drumroll! You have made it to the final day!