The Pure Gold Rush Challenge - The Road Map

Welcome! Tell us what has always been the biggest mystery for you about money? What are you dying to know? Please note you will find all prompt, videos + guidance in the Units tab. Do share your response to this prompt via video as an opportunity to introduce yourself

List your favorite online or in-person shopping stores. Then tell us what do you have pending in your carts or still on your wish list?


Where in your life do you feel like you are hanging onto money for a sense of safety and security?


What accounts do you have pending payments (not set to autopay)?Which accounts are set to the minimum?Where are you hesitating to make payments?


Hey Loves,Here is your next prompt.How do you create money from flow? How do you create money from chaos? How do you know which is which? What is your preference? Why?Video answers are welcomed!And it is even better if you are rambling your words into making sense and creating your own mind-blowing answers. (Hint: Bring out that Magician).


Wealth is a state of mind... which your physical reality will mirror..Wealth comes to those who are wealth conscious..No cost is too high for the wealthy..Take Henry Ford. Commanding his team to produce an eight cylinder gas engine block in one piece. It had never been done, and so they thought it impossible..But he would afford to invest in his vision telling them to continue no matter how long or much was required.Many months passed without it, but he instructed them to stay with it.."I want it and I will have it,' he declared. And so it was..You get to decide how this goes. You get to create your own reality. What are you making of this experience? What have you decreed?


Hey Loves,Do you "line your ducks all up in a row"? Do you do this behavior from a sense of discipline or as a distraction from the bigger thing? Maybe you do it to have a sense of control. If that is true, tell us why. How does any of these choices and behaviors affect your relationship with money - if any, at all?


GOLDEN NEWS! .In the spirit of holiday abundance, we want to gift you with a bonus opportunity..Each of you here have already taken the money quiz for your golden nugget...and we imagine there are others you know + care about that you would love to have this experience with you..For that reason, we invite you to share the quiz on your facebook wall and for every person who joins through your link (must be on your wall for us to track but you can always send as pm and let us know), you will receive a surprise value packed experience!!!.So go ahead and post this link to your wall...and watch the magic and pleasure multiply!!! .And here is the link for you to share:

What was the highest income your dad has made? How about your mom? .What is your perception about your parents relationship with money? .What would you loved to have been different as you witnessed them?


Prompt for the weekend: Where are you playing games of “not trusting” people, places, systems and things that are inherently designed to support you and your visionEg: Not trusting ads (yes they work sometimes and sometimes they don’t - but isn’t that an energetic thing/giving power away)Eg: Not trusting technology (I have to -fill in the blank- in order to see that “I did it” (subtle forms of control/proving to self)

What were your big money dreams that you shared with someone and that person (or group of people) didn't understand you or support your vision? Are those desires still pending?

Video#1: Welcome and what not to do

Video#2: Diving Timing, Chaos + Logic

 Illusion, Being Disillusioned, Freedom, Fantasy + Submission

Video #4: Bonus: The Energetics of Competition + Scarcity

Video #5: Bonus: The Energetics of Money Flow

Video #6: The Grand Closing Call