The Queen's Challenge - The Road Map

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Hey Loves,We are hitting the ground running with some pre-party prompts..and they are a perfect way to set the stage so that we will jump into some Sovereign work as the new week unfolds.


- How did my mom and grandma get their desires met?
- What did you enjoy witnessing with these women?
- What made you sad/cringe/puzzled with their behavior?

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- Who is my best role model in receiving?
- Why?

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Hey Loves!
Here is the last prompt before we jump into our video.


Share all the things/desires that is running in your head/body/ matter how big or small it is.This is an exercise to find your Lover vibes, maybe discover some unspoken desires, and also simultaneously empty your head/mind.

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Day 1 Assessment:


I notice when I compartmentalize* I’m actually protecting myself (trauma response).


Video - Day 1: Responsibility & Distraction -  Kavita + Lanie
Video - Day 1: Bonus: Quantum Leaps vs Incremental Growth - 
A bonus for you from the magnificent Ruth Levin...a deeper awareness that came through as a result of this challenge + today's session


Video - Day 2: Clearing & Unavailability (Moving into S&R)
Video - Day 2: Bonus: The Upacking (from The King's Challenge)How To Be Honest & Transparent - How to be honest and transparent when you don't know but you are willing to find out, regardless ...#therearenostakes


It keeps repeating until you STOP judging it. ~ Kavita


Day 3: The Leap, The Power, The Money, The Lifestyle