The Dark Horse Retreat

An event like no other.
Be there to face and transmute your fears.
It is time to befriend the power of the unknown.

The Dark Horse Music Album

Click on the button to purchase your copy of the original music created by the KALA Uncollective.

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​​More Than Just An Equine Experience

Come for the experience, stay for the life changing transformation.


​​Come for evening gala extravaganza.


​​A day with the horses.


​​A new chapter has begun.

What Is Next!

​​Be sure to sign up for our next Lover Lane retreat hosted in California | Date: 11th-14th Feb, 2022.

One Of The Many Highlights

This is the moment that Andrew flips the lingering shadows and chooses to own his voice and power in his song. Click on the video to gain access to this awesome memory-making moment.



"Celebrating a fabulous experience at DHR with people who inspire me to grow in ways I never imagined I would.

Very grateful to be in spaces where I feel equally encouraged & loved as I do confronted and challenged.

Deep personal growth is not for the faint of heart. Facing your fears & alchemizing your shadows is not always easy, but it can be simple - especially when you surround yourself with the right people & learn to trust in yourself. Cheers to shattering limitations & collapsing lifetimes."

Zach Bulls

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Have the care and support you need as you catch sections of the in-person retreat. Your heart will the taken care of you do the transformational process available for you.