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Starting Valentine's Day 2022, The Lover Lane Virtual Retreat will begin! This 3 week/ 21 Day Immersive will support you in working through any kinks you may have in the Lover-Warrior Channels of your physical and energetic field.

Come learn and/or master depending on where you are at in your spiritual journey what it means to nourish & hold tension so you can let go of the addiction to soothing and superficial self care.

When these things are tended to, creating cash becomes as simple as breathing.

Lover Lane Live is your introduction to Dark/Pure Love and the foundation for The Art of Conscious Business (including a Dark Business aka the lightest light/newest new)

Fill Your Cup + Watch it spillith over

Lover Lane Live Virtual Retreat

3 weeks- $1k

The Lover Lane Live In-Person Retreat Has Been Upleveled to The Art of Dark Business Intensive-

Date+ Location TBD:

Somatics & Movement

Nature + Expressive Arts

Massage + Energywork

Love, Money+ Submission Circles

Surprise Dining Experience

Laser Sessions & More

price option <p>The Lover Lane Virtual Retreat  </p>

The Lover Lane Virtual Retreat


Come experience the core principles of the Lover-Warrior Archetypes- includes a laser session. VIP Voxer experience with a KALA coach available upon request.