What is KALA?

So what is KALA all about?

KALA- KA(vita) + LA(nie)- also Sanskrit for black/dark; force of time, fate, destiny and death. It is the space before creation...the darkness and liminal space before light where all is born, and the KALA UN_Collective is the space to birth your genius, and that happens when you strip down and release everything you thought you needed to be so you can become who you desire and are meant to be. 

If you have been in the world of KALA, then you know about the 4 main Pillars of Consciousness that host both your survival and thriving consciousness. As we continue to evolve, there are additional levels within the 4 pillars beyond the shadow and light archetypes you may have heard us teaching or will soon discover in KALA TV.

Each realm has a different operating system. And each operating system is run by both the masculine and feminine frequencies that coexist in the body. You will see how the masculine and feminine frequency has an intimate relationship in our capacity to give and receive.

Soon, you will hear us not only reference the shadow and light archetypes, but deepen into the dark and white as we explore the hyperconscious. We are also currently refining the content to land the energetics of the Divine Masculine + Feminine.

If you want to learn more about how the human psyche works then having your own KALA TV membership is the place to start. If you prefer an all-in, intimate approach to really upgrading your consciousness then reach out to us to see what the best fit is for you.

You can also subscribe to our calendar here to be in-the-know for when we are hosting both free and paid masterclasses, challenges, and Q & A’s. If you have questions, simply drop us a message using the messenger icon that you find on kalatv.live

See you soon!

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